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Hi there

I have the values similar to these, 1.Ò»ÑÔÌᣵ¥Ò»µÄ´´ÒâÆÀÅбê×¼ÒѾ­¹ýʱÁË (I hope this isn't an offensive statement when converted as I don't understand the symbols), saved to a SQL2005 database. I want to be able to display them on a webpage or convert them for use in a Word Document. I believe the inputs are Chinese, so they need to be converted to Chinese characters.

Thanks for the help!
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Ryan ChongCommented:
try check this things:

1. Make sure the field to store unicode characters is either nchar, nvarchar or ntext

2. On your scripting end, output the unicode characters by setting the charset (via programming or set on meta tag) to utf-8
Ryan ChongCommented:
3. make sure the characters stored are in "proper readable" format
henriqmibAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sirah! The second link was exactly what I needed! I didn't realise it was that simple!
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