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Which cisco router is suitable for this VPN circuit configuration and how can i configure it?

My Telecommunication Service provider send to me the following configuration for new VPN circuit:
PVC number 1/311
interface ATM0/0.35 point-to-point description ATM0/0.35
atm pvc vpi=0 vci=35.
By VPNSC: Job Id# = 23186
ip address pvc 0/35 encapsulation aal5snap
router bgp 64555 neighbor remote-as 65000 redistribute connected metric 1
no auto-summary

My question is which cisco router is suitable for the above circuit and how can i configure it to use this circuit?
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1 Solution
You could use Cisco routers starting with 2800 series, but in order to recommend a router, the following questions need to be answered:
1) What is the physical interface towards your Service Provider (E1, T1, E3, T3, OC3, DS3)?
2) What is the required router throughput?


mtarabayAuthor Commented:
Thanks Celsmk:
Physical interface towards my SP is DS3
i need 10+MBPS WAN to LAN throughput
can you help me for configuration?
I recommend a 3800 series routers, as 2800 series are barely enough for 10Mbps throughput (2801 is good for 1xE1, 2811 for 2xE1, 281 for 4xE1 and 2851 for 6xE1). 3800 series are good for T3/E3 rates.

I recommend a 3825, which gives you right away 2 GE ports, .

Adding to this, you would need:
-For ATM connectivity you need a NM-1A-T3/E3 network module with CAB-ATM-DS3/E3 cable.
- IOS 12.4(T), Advance IP Services feature set.

I recommend ordering a flash upgrade to 256MB and DRAM upgrade to 512MB, as factory default of 64MB Flash/256MB DRAM is already the minimun required for recommended IOS feature.

If you have a CCO account, you can access Cisco Tools, (Cisco Configuration Tool and Cisco IOS Software Selector) and play around yourself.

mtarabayAuthor Commented:
Cisco Configuration Tool and Cisco IOS Software Selector
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