Exchange 2003 OWA page not displayed

I have a MS Exchange 2003 Server that is giving me issues. Sometimes when users login to OWA it shows new items in the inbox but when viewed the server gives a "page not able to display" error. When the user then connects with outlook client (2003) the emails are gone. No trace of them anywhere. ALso of note, we use Ninja Email Security for Exchange. I suspect since OWA shows new messages, that they are making it to the information store, but can't trace anything more.
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abdulzisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There have been issues with Ninja Email Security. Could you disable the program gracefully and see if the problem occurs?
dcourtney1Author Commented:
I will unbind Ninja from the sinks and monitor.... I will also call their support to see if they have seen this before. For further note, the only think that will clear the issue is a reboot of the exchange server. BUT this also results in lost emails. Very confusing.
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