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I am new to DNN and am helping a client make some modifications to existing and new portals. To understand DNN from the ground up, I have installed DNN into a new Virtual Directory and created a separate DB for this installation. I know have 2 DNN databases and 2 Virtual Directories on the same server. Both are running fine. I would please like to know how I can export the template or skin from the first DNN instance and import into my new installation on a separate DB and Virtual Directory. Is this possible? Any advice would be much appreciated.
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paololabeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) First export the portal template from the source dnninstance: Host->Portals->Export template
2) Copy the template file under [dnnroot]/portals/_default in thedestination dnn instance
3) If the source portal are using host skins and containers copy these from [olddnnroot]/portals/_default to [newdnnroot]/portals/_default
4) Create the new portal in new dnn instance using the exported template
5) If the source portal are using site skins and containers copy these from [olddnnroot]/portals/[portals dir]/  to [newdnnroot]/portals/[portalsdir]  create the skins and the contaners folder if not present
6) Open the new portal and check if the skin are correctly applied,may be thera are some differebt path in the new instance and may be you have to reapply the skin and containers or do some adjustement

Prerequisites are that the new portal must have all the modules installed before using the template.
Note you may also zip the skin or container and uploadthem in the new portal, for example if you are using the skin [dnnroot]/portals/_default/Skins/MySkins then zip the content of MySkins folder (don't zip the folder) and upload it from Admin->Skins or Admin->Site settings

Best regards,
JFranks22Author Commented:
Thank you Paolo
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