Uploaded document on internet to be removed

I have uploaded attachment(document) on the internet ,now we have removed it.But google search is still able to search the link.when anybody tries to open it will give msg as data has been removed but there is a view html option in which we can view the whole document.So i want to remove this option . what is the process to remove.
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RoshaoarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should also be able to log into google's webmaster tools and manually remove the URL

Go to http://www.google.com/webmasters/ , set up your account, verify it and go into tools > remove URLs

You need to do this yourself because you have to verify you own the site by uploading a file

upload an empty document to the same location

this is not a solution to your problem, but at least visitors will not be able to view the data anymore
(as soon as this new uploaded document gets indexed/cached by google)
mahmood66Author Commented:
This is not working ,can we request google to clear the dead link
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Yes you can. We had the same problem once, someone uploaded information they were not supposed to and we called google and asked them to remove it. They did it quite quickly too.
mahmood66Author Commented:
Dear Sir,
Please Can you Call google and asked them to remove it . this the link;

Attached images are the content of google
mahmood66--I suspect you must make the contact yourself.  Companies generally will not accept requests from people other than those directly involved.
Try here
mahmood66Author Commented:
Can u give me the Contact number of the concern person so that i can call them directly.
mahmood66Author Commented:
Roshaoar: the info is fromyour website so how come google accept a request from me to remove the inform which is avaialble in your website. so you need to contact and help us to remove our info.
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