Can some one suggest any opensource ETL tool ? I need some sample code or procedure to work with this tool?

We are planning to implement a ETL tool to get data from Client system. we even tried jasper ETL but i have to know is this free for commercial purpose. If the client is having oracle DB and ours is MYSQL how to migrate the data from their system to ours and also automate this process and viceversa. Can some one help me to solve this issue procedurally with some sample code or document.
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Mark WillsConnect With a Mentor Topic AdvisorCommented:
Wiki has a very good general discussion about ETL, and at the bottom, some links to open source tools :,_transform,_load

Also look at : 

Community version doesn't cost, but documentation does, and you need it. Professional version does cost.  - scroll down to Professional version commentary to see if it is what you need.
kpisoftAuthor Commented:
what about jasper ETL is it free or not ?
kpisoftAuthor Commented:
its a good answer i expect more detailed..
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