AD Group Membership and running an EXE from a KIX script


im doing a notes to exchange migration...

I am using a program called outlook profiler to create the outlook 2003 mail profile. It works a treat however I have been running it from a USB thumb drive manually for each machine. Its taking too long so I want to Automate the process so its faster.


I have created an AD security group called OutlookProfiler. After I have migrated the users' mailboxes over from Notes to Exchange I want to be able to add this group to their AD users account and when they login the login script will run and see that they are member of this group and call  the Profiler.exe to run and create the Outlook mail profile.

In our environment we use a batch file to call a Kix script...

batch file entry

%0\..\Kix32.exe %0\..\lexum.kix

I have added this line in lexum.kix

IF INGROUP ("OutlookProfiler") = 1
       ?"User is member of the Outlook Profiler Group"
       SHELL '%comspec%' "%0\..\profiler.exe %0\..\outlookprofiler\profiler.exe"

I have copied the outlookprofiler directory containing the profiler.exe file to the netlogon folder.

We have a number of sites so I want the entry in the script to use the closest DC. im told the %0\..\ entry will do this...

It doesn't seem to work....So

1) Am I doing this all correctly or is their a batch file, another Script that would make it easier?

2) If i am doing it correctly is the entry in the lexum.kix wrong?

Thanks  very very much
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Michael PfisterCommented:

IF INGROUP ("OutlookProfiler")
   ?"User is member of the Outlook Profiler Group"
    SHELL "%COMSPEC% /c %0\..\outlookprofiler\profiler.exe"

But I'm not sure that the %0 will work in this case (and I can't test right now). If it doesn't work use:

IF INGROUP ("OutlookProfiler")
   ?"User is member of the Outlook Profiler Group"
    SHELL "%COMSPEC% /c %LOGONSERVER%\NETLOGON\outlookprofiler\profiler.exe"

It will run profiler.exe from the DC thats authenticating the user.

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Sudoku_WarriorsAuthor Commented:
Yep awesome...This is the one that worked

IF INGROUP ("OutlookProfiler")
   ?"User is member of the Outlook Profiler Group"
    SHELL "%COMSPEC% /c %LOGONSERVER%\NETLOGON\outlookprofiler\profiler.exe"

Thanks so much..its going to save many hours of work for me.
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