Acer LS 5100 won't boot

I turn on the PC and all I get is a "ATI Radeon X1250 for Acer/Poodle" message. No BIOS screen, no Windows. Keyboard won't get me into bios. tried to reset the CMOS and still nothing. At this point, any options to fix it or is the motherboard dead?
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i suggest testing with the minimum setup - disconnect also all peripherals and network cables :
motherboard + cpu + 1 ram stick, video card, power supply
on boot, do you have a display?
if NO it is one of the connected, swap ram, Power supply, video card or monitor- leaving only motherboard and cpu
if Yes, add devices till the problem shows

you can also check the motherboard for bad capacitors as shown here :
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