setting a property value using reflection

If the code below gets a property by constructing the property name how would i set it?

say i want to set the property availabilityMonth.Day07 = 12 for e.g?

how would i do that?

im trying something like:
dayAvailability.SetValue(_availabilityMonth, 2, Reflection.BindingFlags.SetProperty)

but not getting very far?
Dim dayAvailability As Reflection.PropertyInfo = Nothing
 dayAvailability = _availabilityMonth.GetType.GetProperty("Day" + monthDay.ToString())

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omegaomegaConnect With a Mentor DeveloperCommented:
Hello, scm0sml,

It looks close.  Try replacing Reflection.BindingFlags.SetProperty with Nothing.  I.e. try:

    dayAvailability.SetValue(_availabilityMonth, 12, Nothing)

(I've also changed the second parameter, 2, to 12 to correspond better with your example.

scm0smlAuthor Commented:
good man.
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