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We are starting with using Terminal Services. Because we want fault tolerance, we have 3 servers in NLB, we have the Desktop and Start Menu redirected based on Group membership.
Desktop and Startmenu are redirected to our file server, this works fine but i want to put the TS profiles also on the file server to get fault tolerance (if one TS server fails)
I know that you can log on the server and then copy the profile to Default User but should i do this also on the file server? What is the most common solution for TS profiles? There is information on the net but i cant`t find the simple piece of information a need.
Could anyone please help me with this one? Thank you very much!
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Henrik JohanssonConnect With a Mentor Systems engineerCommented:
Share a folder on file server (\\fileserver\tsprofiles$)
Place the terminal servers in a TS-OU and create a GPO configuring the path to TS-profiles' folder. All user profiles will be created in the shared folder during logon/logoff process. Also configure that cached copies of roaming profiles shall be deleted at logoff.
See link for howto configure TS with GPOs
MarijnPAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for your help!
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