Power Surge on Hub Port, Windows XP SP2

I'm receiving the following error message when i connect a mouse to any of the USB ports on a HP Compaq nc6120 laptop running XP SP2.

"Power Surge on Hub Port: A USB Device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port."

I've checked the Microsoft Help & Support page and along with other forums but can't find any answer.

I know that the error notifications can be prevented from displaying but i was wondering if anyone knew of a solution that would stop the error from happening.
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Are you sure the mouse is OK? Does it happen with all mice or just one?
Peter_CullAuthor Commented:
I've used the mouse on other machines so i know theres no problems with that.

Although we get the USB error on the nc6120 laptop the mouse does still work.
Peter_CullAuthor Commented:
No comments received for some time. Therefore request question closed.
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