how to block anonymous userlogin


From last many days, we have noticed that an anonymous user logs on our server & deletes the file or rewrites the file.  we have changed all the passwords. However, till date this things are continuing.
For your reference, we have given below the details of yesterdays log where in we could trace the user.

Time : 8.50.24 to 10.8.24
Date : 16.11.2008
Workstation name NDCV-SERVER
IP :

kindly tell me,

1. How to stop this user?
2. We have changed all the login & passwords, then also how some one is able to login. Is there a provision for anonymous login. If so how to protect ourself.
3) I want to block some IPs. So how to do?
Umesh ModiAsked:
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I think this will help you a lot
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>> 3) I want to block some IPs. So how to do?

You could use Windows Firewall.

Open Windows Firewall from the Security Centre Panel -> Exceptions Tab -> Add Port -> Change Scope

That's more for port blocking, but you can specify an IP range. It's quite clumsy.

I'll recommend you use a 3rd party firewall, like ZoneAlarm.

Hope that helps
- Kelvin
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