how to proceed with a hanged exchange 2000 to 2003 upgrade with this error "Configuring registry entries for required machine-level settings"

i have had an incomplete upgraded to my exchange 2000 SP3 running on windows 2000 sp4. While removing the exchange 2000 component "Microsoft Exchange Messaging and Collaboration Services" i had an error because of the Microsoft exchange Event services which hanged while stopping; i had to disable it/restart server/enable it and set it back to Auto and STOP and I was able to remove the "Microsoft Exchange Messaging and Collaboration Services" component.
i ran the domainprep and the foretsprep and everything went fine.
Afterward I ran the Exchange 2003 Upgrade with the Microsoft exchange Event services stpped , I got to where it says "Configuring registry entries for required machine-level settings" and it stops there for more than an hour and a half.i killed the process and checked the logs.
This is what the logs says:
Component Name: Microsoft Search
      Version:            2.0
      Installation Status:      Success
      Error Message:            NA
Component Name: Microsoft Exchange
      Version:            6.0
      Installation Status:      Success
      Error Message:            NA
Component Name: Microsoft Exchange Messaging and Collaboration Services
      Version:            6.0
      Installation Status:      Failure
      Error Message:            0xc007041d - The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion. (MSExchangeES)
Now I am left with the exchange 2003 system manager (no Service Pack Applied) but with the exchange 2000 SP3 application and exchange  is working fine.

Can anyone please HELP me in this weird issue?
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what happens when you run the 2003 setup again?
elllieAuthor Commented:
Hi there!

well same thing happens again so i have to cancel and kill the setup process manually .
i have tried that 3 times.

i had the McAfee groupshield 6.0.2 and McAfee Enterprise VisrusScan Installed but i removed them before the whol euprade operation started.

how many exchange servers do you have?
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elllieAuthor Commented:
I have only one exchange server 2000 !
elllieAuthor Commented:
the thing is that i am afraid that in a disaster recovery solution for this exchange i might encounter trouble because the objects might be  now exchange 2003 objects  in a windows 2000 Domain Controller environment .
how many users do you have?
elllieAuthor Commented:
i have approximately 50 users!
give me some time to come up with a workable solution.
elllieAuthor Commented:

i appreciate your effort!
thank you!
i was able to come up with two methods
1) uninstall exchange 2000. once it has been uninstalled, install exchange 2003 and restore the databases
2) remove exchange 2000 manually from this box. run exchange 2003 setup with the setup.exe /disasterrecovery switch. this would pick up the exchange configuration from active directory and install exchange 2003. once done, restore the databases.
be sure to take a backup of exchange and AD system state before doing anything.
elllieAuthor Commented:

i am in productive environment , so i will have to wait a couple of hours before doing any move..because exchange is working now..

thank u and i will keep u posted what will happen with me!

P.S: i found that a big "Badmail" folder might freeze an exchange 2000 upgrade so i am deleting this folder using this command in command prompt and its taking time :
rd /s /q badmail_folder_Path.
and i will try the setup again..( As Per

any advices?
don't delete the folder. just delete the contents.
if you delete the folder then make sure that you re-create the same
elllieAuthor Commented:
i have managed to delete this 3GB Badmail folder after i have stopped the SMTP service and then restarted it again.-re-created the folder again.
i Ran the Exchage 2003 setup and the Exchange server was Upgraded --FINALLY!!
P.S: i encountered an error while installing  the search component-
i have ran the SP2 and everything working fine again:)
No disaster recovery was made!

Thank You for your time!

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