Force login when accessing the Internet

My client wants their staff to have to submit a username and password whenever they start Internet Explorer.  They do not have control of the router or servers, so they cannot add or modify anything there.  The solution has to be something that can be installed on the user's PC's.  They are using Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Thanks in advance.
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neiljavaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There quite a few, actually loads available. If you happen to be already on a Microsoft subscription service then you may already have Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA Server)  which is worth considering. If you need to go for zero fee, then Sun Webproxy which is java based is probably not a bad bet. Depends a bit on the machine you are going to runit on. In terms of client machine configuration

The following link, shows how to configure IE
In firexfox it is tools,options,netwrok,settings

Difficult to know how much to say at this stage

Worth a read of as well and there is a good list of other proxy servers
Sounds to me as if  you might want to use a proxy server - which could require a username and password whenever they access anything that you choose. Depends on exactly what it is that they want to prevent happening. They could restrict (via group policy assuming a Windows domain)  the ability to even open IE. So it depends on whether they are trying to control IE or surfing. If it is surfing then a porxy server is probably the best route.
AielloJAuthor Commented:
They want all users to have internet access.  They simply want to make sure that someone doesn't walk over to another persons desk and access the internet from there.  They can not add anything to the network so it will have to be a software solution.  Possibly 3rd party software if it can't be done with Windows or IE settings.
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I am not quite sure what you been by adding anything to the network?

A proxy server (is a piece of software) there are free ones, that simply control access to the internet.
That would do what you are requesting, it has the advantage that it is not easily avoided, with a password on IE a user could just install another web browser and avoid an IE password.
AielloJAuthor Commented:

Sorry for the misunderstanding about the proxy server.  Can you recommend a good one?  The users shouldn't be installing any software by directives from the administrator.  Is there a simple way to configure their systems so they must use the proxy server as the only way to access the Internet?

Thank you for the suggestions so far.
AielloJAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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