Sending multiple emails using CDO gives error

Posted on 2008-11-19
Last Modified: 2013-11-30
We have a system that send emails through an automated system to warn users. The system first collects all the emails that have to be sent out. Then it goes through a loop and send out the emails. In this loop there is an error handling. This error handling includes inserting the email, which email and the error message into a table in our database when it couldn't be send. The error number is -2147220977 and the description is 'the server rejected one or more recipient addresses.The server response was: 550'.

When the system comes at an email that couldn't be send (due to it doesn't exist) it will keep on trying to send the email untill the connection timeout is expired (60 seconds). This error also reflects to the rest of the emails that has to be sent out that comes after the wrong email in the loop. These correct emails are also inserted in a table in the database but the recipients recieves them.

How can we avoid that when the system comes at a wrong email it doesn't try to send it more than ones? So if it is a wrong email it just inserts it into the table and doesn't try to send it again.

set rsApprover = objConn.Execute(mysqlstatement)

if not rsApprover.eof then

  'select email to be sent to performer in next flow (Brand Director)

  set rsMailBody = objConn.Execute("SELECT * FROM tblMailTemplates WHERE ([MailTemplate-ID] = 72)")

  do while not rsApprover.eof

    error = 0

    set rsEmployees = objConn.execute(sqlstatementemail)

    'send to Brand Director

    Set ObjMail = CreateObject("CDO.Message")

    Set ObjMailCon = CreateObject("CDO.Configuration")

    'Out going SMTP server

    ObjMailCon.Fields("") = application("smtpserver") 

    ObjMailCon.Fields("") = application("smtpserverport")  

    ObjMailCon.Fields("") = application("sendusing") 

    ObjMailCon.Fields("") = application("smtpconnectiontimeout") 


    'Update the CDOSYS Configuration 

    Set ObjMail.Configuration = ObjMailCon 

    ObjMail.From =

    ObjMail.To = rsEmployees("Email")

    ObjMail.Subject = rsMailBody("SubjectEN")

    strBody = rsMailBody("BodyEN")

    ObjMail.TextBody = strBody


    Set ObjMail = Nothing

    'check for error and create emailbody

    if Err.number <> 0 then

      error = 1

      strBody = strBody & "<tr>"

      strBody = strBody & "<td>2</td>"

      strBody = strBody & "<td></td>"

      strBody = strBody & "<td>" & rsApprover("PerformerStudent-ID") & "</td>"

      strBody = strBody & "<td>" & rsEmployees("Lastname") & "</td>"

      strBody = strBody & "<td>" & rsEmployees("Firstname") & "</td>"

      strBody = strBody & "<td>" & rsEmployees("Email") & "</td>"

      strBody = strBody & "<td>" & rsEmployees("Name") & "</td>"

      strBody = strBody & "</tr>"

      'function to trap the error

      TrapError strBody

   end if

    if (error = 1) then

      set rsUpdate = objConn.Execute("INSERT INTO tblMailNotSend (...)" &_

		"VALUES (...)")


      set rsUpdate = objConn.Execute("INSERT INTO tblMailSend (...)" &_

		"VALUES (...)")				



    'send email to admin if invitation(s) couldn't be send


end if

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Question by:maartendierckxsens
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    Accepted Solution

    not really sure what you are asking -1) you want to prevent smpt server from attemtping to send an email more than once? or 2) do you want to prevent your script from sending to smtp server in the first place?

    I'll try to answer both questions:

    1. set the 'expiration timeout' to 1 minute.  that way smtp server should give up on retry before the first attempt.

    2. harder to solve - you need to test each email inside your script.  If the address is invalid (ie not fully qualified domain etc) then it is easy to detect. if the address /looks/ ok but the domain is non existent, then you can use DNS to try to lookup whether that domain exists (google for asp dns).  It is even harder to detect whether an email address on a valid domain is ok, but there are plenty of reasons why you should not even bother to do it inside your script.

    these sort of tests inside your scrip will slow it down ENORMOUSLY - it takes maybe up to a couple of seconds to try to resolve a valid domain, and at least a couple of seconds to determine if it is invalid.  can you really afford to let your script wait that long for every email address you send to?

    it is better to let smpt server take care of all that for you.  the ideal way to fine tune your mailer is to make nda messages go to a known mail account, then run a script over those reports and remove those addresses from your mailing list.


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    Thank you for your help

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