bash: ssh command not found

Hi i have bought this laptop Aspire one , and its install Linpus linux. this system does not come wth root password!!!

by default it boot to user called "user"

now i have checked this one has sudoer installed.

so i typed,  >> su -s then >> after typing the password as user its showing root@lcalhost  [ so i guess it got root user]

now when i am typing ssh  root@myip
its saying bash: ssh command not found

what do i have to do to use ssh command here ...
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http:// thevpn.guruCommented:
you dont have the openssh package installed.

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fosiul01Author Commented:
i did
su -s
it went to root@localhost

then i have installed openssh  packages

i tryed again now, its sayin package openssh - 4.7l.... i slaready installed
http:// thevpn.guruCommented:
what does

whereis ssh

result in ?
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fosiul01Author Commented:
ssh : /etc/ssh
try to use the full path to ssh

fosiul01Author Commented:
whereis ssh is saying , only /etc/ssh

its not installed in /usr/bin/ssh

so when i tryed, like this /usr/bin/ssh root@publicip

its saying, -bash: /usr/bin/ssh: no such a file
fosiul01Author Commented:
done i had to install like this

yum install openssh*

then it install openssh client, server and another program
http:// thevpn.guruCommented:
well what you need is the client

find / -type f -a -name ssh

fosiul01Author Commented:
yes, i will remember next time

by the way, i got my linux Master certification here!! i will get another Shirt !! hurrayyyyyyyyyyy

http:// thevpn.guruCommented:
hehe :) keep the good work t-shirts always get lost in mail :D
fosiul01Author Commented:
yesterday i got 2 Tshirt!! its nice man

i will order another one tonight!!

how come you are so quite in EE now a days ??
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