How to get Length of Graphics.DrawLines (Points) in c#


oGraphics = e.Gragpics
 Point[] pntLines = new Point{(323,449), (324, 449), (325, 448), (327,444), (327,443) }
            oGraphics.DrawLines(oPen, pntLines);
   oGraphics.DrawString("TestLine", Font,  Brushes.Red,  MiddleLineofPntLines?????)

How can get exactly middle of Point of pntLines.


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BTW I think you have used the System.Windows.Shapes.Polygon class accordingly with the Gragpics.DrawPolygon method to draw this shape. With this Polygon class you'll get some helpful properties like Height or Width...
Anyway, as far as I know this is not a C# problem but a mathematical issue. I think you have to calculate it by yourself. I suppose that you can calculte the average X coordinates and the average of Y coordinates, don't you ?
You're asking how to compute the centroid.

This sounds like a homework problem, so i can't directly answer the "how"... but I can provide some tips...

The center of a polygon is the mean of all the X,Y coordinates...

Check the wikipedia regarding CENTROID

But, to compute the mean, do the following

For all the X in the list, sum the values...
For all the Y in the list, sum the values...
Divide by the number of point pairs in the list...


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narlasridharAuthor Commented:
hi igordos,

Thanks verymuch helping this solution.   Still i am looking for a Trigonometry function to do this in .net
The way i did....

Assuming strait line from minimum point to maximum point.  and calculating the  middle point by following formula.

   (x1 - X-max point, x2  - X-Mini Point, y1 - Y-MaxPoint, y2 - Y-Miniumum Point ) in the array...
so MiddlePoint = ((x1-x2) / 2 + x1, (y1-y2) / 2)
-------------------------E x a m p l e ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
            Point MinPoint = arrPoints[0];
            Point MaxPoint = arrPoints[arrPoints.Length - 1];
            Point MiddlePoint = new Point((int)(MaxPoint.X - MinPoint.X) / 2 + MinPoint.X,
                    (int)(MaxPoint.Y - MinPoint.Y) / 2 + MinPoint.Y);

            Point mMaxPoint = new Point(0, 0), mMinPoint = new Point(0, 0), mMidPoint = new Point(0, 0);
            int a = 0;
            for (int i = 0; i < arrPoints.Length; i++)
                if (arrPoints[i].X < MiddlePoint.X && i != arrPoints.Length - 2)
                    if (a == 0)
                        mMinPoint = arrPoints[i - 1];
                        mMaxPoint = arrPoints[i - 1];
                        mMidPoint = new Point((int)(mMaxPoint.X - mMinPoint.X/2 +  mMinPoint.X) ,
                               (int)(mMaxPoint.Y - mMinPoint.Y)/2 + mMinPoint.Y);
            Graphics g = pictureBox1.CreateGraphics();
            g.DrawLines(new Pen(Brushes.Red), arrPoints);
            g.DrawString("Test", this.Font, new SolidBrush(Color.Tomato), mMidPoint);

I have no idea why you're closing it.

Can you supply some details?
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