International Calling Dial Plan for Cisco Call Manager

We run calls through the Cisco Call Manager.

We can make local call and domestic long distance calls just fine, however, International Calls will not go through.

The calls are not leaving the Call Manager.

We have an existing dial plan of dialing either 9+ the 10-digit number for local OR 9+1 and the 10-digit number for domestic long distance.

We get afast busy when we try to dial 9+011+ the international number
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bkepfordConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Has it ever worked or is this a new install? And have you got the provider on the phone to see what they are getting on their side. You may be unintentional stripping the 011 at your gateway.
wwtruebtvAuthor Commented:
It has never worked.

The carrier says that all international blocking is off of the PRI.

The carriers says they do not see the call hitting their switch when we attempt to dial internationally.

If this helps, we only have one dial plan configured in the Call manager..."9.@"

Thank you in advance for your help.
What is your gateway protocol? What kind of gateway are you using?
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What version of Call Manager?
wwtruebtvAuthor Commented:
h323 is the protocol

The CM is 4.1

The CM terminate calls to a Quintum gateway

thanks in advance for your help
The problem is going to be on your gateway. In that case you need an h323 dial peer (in the cisco world) that matches the international dialing string on your h323 gateway. The call manager is sending to the gateway but the gateway is not matching it and sending it to the provider.
I have never seen a Quintum gateway so if they have a configuration file that I can sift through I may be able to spot the issue.  
The 9.@ should match just fine but not knowing what number you are dialing I wanted to include this link for your reference

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