How to display multiple lines of text on a treenode in treeview?

How to display multiple lines of text on a treenode in treeview (using C# in
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You can use <br /> to do that.

<asp:TreeNode Text="This is a<br /> Multiline text node" Value="This is a Multiline text node"></asp:TreeNode>
treehouse2008Author Commented:
I use treeview to display XML. If I insert <br /> into the text, <br /> is viewed as a XML node, then the real text is filtered out and is not displayed.
Try to encode < and > characters. Put #lt;br /#gt; (replace # to &)
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treehouse2008Author Commented:
I tried to put <br /> , the node is just displayed as <br />aaa<br />ccc<br />, not change lines.
treehouse2008Author Commented:

I tried to put  "#lt;br /#gt; (replace # to &)" , the node is just displayed as <br />aaa<br />ccc<br />, not change lines.
Wow, talk about over complicate things...... TreeView1.NodeWrap = true (is it == in C#? I'm using VB tbh).
Then the node will write on multiple lines but only stretch as far the width of the control.
treehouse2008Author Commented:
I did not find NodeWrap property in TreeView. Is there anything wrong with what I did?
treehouse2008Author Commented:
I'm using Windows Application. Not Web Application.
Sorry, been away for a while.....

Your question states how to wrap text on a treeview in Anyways, I'll add my answer as if you were writing a forms app.

If you're writing using forms, there is no wrap property in the default treeview, as you have stated. You may want to look at some Extended controls (controls people have adapted to add functionality), one that may assist can be found here:

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Tina karCommented:
I am finding solution for RADTreeview Text can be come in new line after certain size of Text .
Please give some solution
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