Deploying MSI's via GPO (Computer Container) dependant on Computer AD Group Membership


I have a custom MSI that I want to deploy to certain PCs. The PC's are across different OU's which have different policies associated with them.

In the past when the MSI has been user specific, I have put the users that need the app in a AD group, and then only given that group access to Apply the group policy - which works well.

However Im not interested in which user has the software, I just want it to go to certain PC's. I have tried putting the PCs into a AD group and applied the software in the Computer Container of the GPO - but it doesn't work.

How do I apply my MSI to certain PC's across the company using AD?
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robrandonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure the computers objects under the container you have applied to GP to and that those computers (or the group they are in) have access to the install files at the file level and share level.  Also make sure the installation is setup as a computer policy, not a user policy.

Hello, ncht.  I am going to need more info from you. What do the event logs say?
Did you recheck the permissions for these computers, assuming this msi installer package is on a network share?  The event logs on the dc and on the target pc's should clue us in to issue. Also, are there other GPO's in force on the domain that are might have priority over your software install policy?
nchtAuthor Commented:
Sorry my mistake - when I went back in to check, I noticed that I had applied the GPO to the User OU, and not the Computer OU. Becuase the policy was applied to the Computer and not the user it didnt work. I moved the policy to the Computer OU and it worked perfectly.

Thank you both for your comments and suggestions.
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