Can't see Triggers under Database/Tables/tableName/Triggers

I created a trigger a while ago and I wanted to go modify it. It is still working, but when I go to view the trigger for the table I can't see it listed. I was able to see it before. I'm logged in the same way and I am the dbo. Please help!!!

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hmmm....thats odd.  If you want to see the text of the trigger, you can do it through tsql:

select object_definition(object_id('triggername'))
billkriegerAuthor Commented:
I can't recall the trigger name. Is there a way to get a listing of the triggers for a table?

select * from sys.triggers
where object_name(parent_id) = 'tablename'
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This is a piece of script I use:
DECLARE @Column varchar(50)
SET @Column = '%FilterValueEntity%'
PRINT '--Tables and Columns'
SELECT as objectName, as ColumnName 
	FROM sys.columns C INNER JOIN sys.objects O 
		ON C.object_id = O.object_id
PRINT '--Stored Procs'
SELECT name as ProcedureName, OBJECT_DEFINITION(OBJECT_ID) as ProcedureCode
	FROM sys.procedures
PRINT '--Triggers'
SELECT name as TriggerName, OBJECT_DEFINITION(OBJECT_ID) as TriggerCode
	FROM sys.triggers

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billkriegerAuthor Commented:
ok... I'm going crazy. I ran the above and nothing was returned. I know the trigger is working, it is copying data from one field to another on insert.
--Complete list of all triggers
SELECT name as TriggerName, OBJECT_DEFINITION(OBJECT_ID) as TriggerCode
      FROM sys.triggers

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billkriegerAuthor Commented:
I ran select * from sys.triggers  without the WHERE clause & My trigger is listed???
SELECT as [table], as [trigger]
      FROM sys.triggers t
            INNER JOIN sys.objects o
      ON t.object_id  = o.object_id
            INNER JOIN sys.objects p
      ON p.object_id  = o.parent_object_id

billkriegerAuthor Commented:
Thanks you!!!!!!!!!  So any Idea why I can't see it listed?
might be a permissions thing for some reason...
billkriegerAuthor Commented:
Thanks again!
Going to have to object on this pretty sure I gave quite a bit of help.
Object away chapmandew. I admit I initially thought the author could not remember the name of the trigger, and that is the solution I gave. I agree with you though that the solution is probably a permission one. Perhaps the author could shed some light on what actually solved his problem?
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