Why is Access renaming the class objects in VBA


Please see the attached pictures. I have an Access database which has been emailed to me by a friend in another country. The DB works fine for him, he can send me the exact same file and it wont work for me. We think we have identified the problem - in the first screenshot you can see the names of the forms. in the second screenshot you can see the names of the class objects in VB behind the forms. Why is Access (or VBA) adding 'Form_' to each name of the class objects?
my friend checked the same issue when he has the database and the names of the forms and the class objects are the same..
I also have the same problem with the names of the reports and the names of the class objects behind them.
I cannot rename the class objects. i can rename the forms but when i did (i added 'Form_' to the beginning of each form name) in VB the class modules came up as 'Form_Form_' for each one...
I am using acess 2007, my friend is using Access 2007 also without problems. The database was created in Access 2003..

Please help..


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tbsgadiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check that he doesn't have any special characters that aren't supported on your system.
In VBA the form always appears with "Form_" before it.
Check what it looks like in the other country.
laserhalenAuthor Commented:
Hi thanks for your reply and yes you are right i requested a screenshot from the other country (Brazil) and the class objects have all got 'Form_' before the names.. I was previously told otherwise but nevermind..
the original problem with the database is outlined in the attached screenshots..as i mentioned, the database works fine for him but gives me the problems, see attached screenshot..

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laserhalenAuthor Commented:
Im sorry but id have to ask you where exactely, in the VB code or throughout the database?
I guess throughout the database..
laserhalenAuthor Commented:
Thank you, I changed the locale of my system and the application works fine. I am ashamed to have wasted some of your time with what turned out to be a simple problem.
Glad to help
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