Connecting a New Building - Campus Network

We are to network a new building, it will be connected via fibre connections.  My question is I wanted this to be a seperate routed block, so did not want to tag any vlans on the uplinks.  We use layer 3 switches at the Core network and Dist layer, I hoped to avoid any layer 2 trunking across the links by using all network subnets and routing between the 2 buildings.  

I was thinking of using RIP between the routers (New Build > CORE)

Will this be the best approach or does anyone think I should tag VLANS across for existing voice, etc?

The 3coms we have are 5500G's which should do layer 3 switching in hardware.
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routing is good, however, I'm not sure about several things:
1. you definitely want to have management in a separate vlan, so you will need vlans between buildings: first - mgmt, 2nd - data, 3rd - may be voice?
2. you definitely don't want to use rip if you have only 2-5 routes within routing table, possibly it is faster/better/enough to maintain several static routes, then troubleshooting dynamic routing from time to time.

P.S. management vlan should be plain L2, so without possibility to be routed in it from data/voice vlans. in this case I do the following: management stations are configured to receive multiple vlans - mgmt and data, otherwise you have to configure routing filters and you definitely don't what to do that.

bromley_collegeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.  I was hoping to use a different mgmt vlan for the new build, and set up a routed link between the builds.  As the 5500 should do layer 3 in hardware I should get lagging for this and voice should I?

I will be summarising all networks into one route advertisement so static is best like you said.

Is there anyway to do without the vlan trunking, I really do not want it... I will of course be testing all configurations but I hope voice will be fine routing across the links.
It is very nice idea to have only plain L3 between buildings, however you should foresee that someone one day will ask you for a vlan from building to building even if today you plan everything perfect without vlans.

It's just my experience working as an leading network engineer.

In hw L3 and sufficient bandwidth you will be save with voice quality!

As for routing, ospf is better than rip, and I wouldn't build two routing instances in both buildings unless you have several internet connections.

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