Exchange 2003 Backend : Changing Server Hardware, Internet Mail going to old server

We had a simple Exchange 2003 setup.  One Outlook Web Access Server (Frontend) and on Exchange 2003 server (backend).  Our backend server was 5 years old and needed to be replaced.  I setup a new server in the domain and setup exchange.  
I migrated all of the mailboxes to the new server.  
I replicated all of the public folders (adding the new server to the replication tab).
I changed the RUS to point to the new server.  
The members of my routing group have my new server as Master now.
We have a Barracuda spam firewall that gets all of our email from the internet.  That is now configured to send smtp to the new server.

More to follow :
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Exchange_GeekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"We have a Barracuda spam firewall that gets all of our email from the internet"

Got any hints ???

Fine, check your Barracuda - to whom is it sending emails to - change the IP Address to point to your new server - life should be simple from there onwards.
tech-oghAuthor Commented:
I have had this done and running with both servers for a month now.  No issues.  I want to get rid of the old server.  However, when I down the server, or stop exchange, I cannot receive mail from the internet anymore.  I can send mail fine but nothing comes in.  If I stop all the stores, I also cannot send mail.  I see the Queue is filling up.  When I start one of the old stores, mail flows.

I want to make sure I can send and receive mail before I un-install exchange on the old server...

Thanks for the help
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