Problem Receiving SMS messages on Ozeki Server with N95 Connected Via USB Cable

I am running Ozeki Server, I managed to connect a nokia n95 gsm phone via usb cable.

Outbound SMS messages are not an issue and working fine, the problem is with incoming SMS messages.

Ozeki server does not seem to receive/read the messages.

Any advice?
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SleezedAuthor Commented:
Problem Solved.

Spoke to Ozeki tech support, and came back to me with the following response within an hour!

"I'm affraid your phone model cannot be used for receiving SMS messages. The main reason
for this is that it is based on the Symbian mobile phone operating system. Symbian phones contain an SMS software that "eats" incoming SMS messages. These messages are never delivered to the modem interface of the phone.

In this e-mail I give you some hints, that may help you figure out other supported phone models that can be used for SMS messaging or you can use one of the phone models we recommend.

The recommended phone models are listed on the following website:

If you want to use another model, try to find one that support the GSM 7.5.0 SMS standard. Usually low cost older Ericsson and Siemens models are good options. The simpler the phone is the more chance it can be usd for incoming messages.

Of course the best option is to use a dedicated GSM modem because modems provide better stability."

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