Is it possible to Blind Carbon Copy (bcc) outgoing email, from specific accounts to another Exchange Mailbox? (configued on the Exchange 2003 Server side)

I have a aimple question, but I suspect the answer may be that it isn't possible.

To explain the situation, we are a patent law firm who regularly need to keep records of work being emailed in progress, in a central location that all the paralegals can access. My boss has requested that we setup a situation whereby when anyone of the patent attorneys sends an email (any email) it is silently bcc'd to a central mailbox called internally, as well as being sent to the receipient. This way, anyone of our paralegals that works on a shift patern can access this one mailbox to ensure we are up to date on renewals, etc. They would be able to see the outbound mail of all of our attorneys in this shared mailbox, which our attorneys approve and there is no legal issue on (just to clarify!).

I could ask that the arrorneys just remember to bcc to this address, but I know that some of them are an IT liability and this won't be a viable solution, as they'll forget.

I have also looked at other posts on EE, and am aware that there are ways to do this on the client side. If necessary I will pursue these means in Outlook, but this isn't a nice and clean / efficient way to to admin things - I rather there was something we could do on the Exchange Server, or use some kind of plugin with Exchange to achieve this.

I suspect my requests are too high and this may not be possible. I've used / worked with Exchange for years, and never been asked for this scenario. If anyone knows a great way of doing this, I'd be very grateful to hear from you!!

Many thanks,

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I've never tried it, but one way would be to archive all mail to a particular email box, and then use incoming email rules on the box to permanently delete any emails not sent from the individuals you are wanting to archive.

Archiving to an email account can be selected on the General tab of your Mailbox Store Properties.
You can manually forward all mail of a given user to another account through Active Directory. Another option would be to enable journaling, but that would catch everything for everyone.
Hi Bluemercury,
I could say the simplest way is to upgrade to exchange 2007 as it has built in transport rules that would do this for you quite easily but I am not sure that is possible or even probable in your company.

Exchange 2000 and 2003 have things called 'event sinks' that can be created in visual basic that allow you to manipulate smtp traffic rules and add things like disclaimers etc. I am not sure but they may also be able to achieve what you want to do if you have VB skills.

The last way and probably the easiest is to create a separate mailbox store for your patent attorneys mailboxes ansd then set journalling (normal or envelope) up on that DB only sending all mails to a journal mailbox that the required people have access to.

Hope this helps

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bluemercuryAuthor Commented:
Hi guys. Thanks for your advice. I'm sorry I've been slack in replying - lots of sudden problems at work led me away from looking into this futher till now.
TNL_Engr - thanks for your idea, but I think that would still come back to too much admin effort on the client side. I think you're right that it may well work, but I'm trying to find a server side solution to this problem, if possible.
tntmax - thanks for your input. I thought that forwarding only worked for email being sent to the account, not through it. Am I mistaken? Is there a way that I can set up an email account so that all email sent FROM that account would be autotmatically sent to the forwarding account (records@). Of course, even if this is possible, I don't want all emails inbound for the attorneys to be collected in this records@ account, only the outbound emails from their accounts.
RusellDicks - I was hoping someone might come back with your suggestion. I am proposing an upgrade to Exchange 2007, which I have limited exposure to, but hoped the transport rules might do it. Your affirmation of this is a great motivator to move forward on this. I intend to upgrade to Exchange 2007 over Christmas and into the New Year, when things are quiet, and our migration to Windows 2008 is complete.
Those who mentioned the jounaling option as well, this sounds interesting. I will take a look at this, althought I assume this would also have to be done on each client. There is also the consideration that many of the users use Outlook Web Access as their primary client, and of course this has a far more limited set of fuctions. I recall that jounailing may still be possible from here though.
I think Exchange 2007 is the way forward - thank you for all your input. Once this migration is done, I will return here and award points. Thank you for all your time!
How's the migration going?
bluemercuryAuthor Commented:
Hey tntmax.
Still not quite there yet. I've had to make some major infrastructure changes between our London & Houston offices, and this has taken priotity. I hope to be rolling out Exchange 2007 in the next 2 - 3 weeks though, and will report back here once I've done that....
Many thanks for asking after this.
Best wishes,
fun fun, hope it goes well :-)
bluemercuryAuthor Commented:
Indeedy! Thanks very much :D
bluemercuryAuthor Commented:
Hi guys.
A big apology for not getting back on here and posting sooner. As is often unfortunately the case with these things, my employers suddenly had a change of policy that negated the very need raised in this post. I'm sorry I haven't come back on here to explain this sooner though!
RussellDicks - before I even raided the question I sensed that an upgrade to Exchange 2007 with its transport rules might be the way to go. We are now upgraded to Exchange 2007, but I haven't had the chance to put the theory to test. Maybe at some point I'll get a spare hour to play around with the concept!
Regardless, I think this suggestion will work, so I'm going to award the points now. I've very grateful for your help :D
Thanks to everyone else who tried to offer advice as well. Always appreciate input from you guys :D
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