Unable to Install Trend Micro Client on Vista

I am having trouble getting the Trend Micro client to install on a Vista workstation using the web console. The PC is joined to the domain.

When I attempt the install I am logged on to the Vista workstation as the
local machine admin. I get the following error:

Web browser-based agent installation

Agent installation was unsuccessful.

Possible reasons:

a.. There was a problem with the browser's cache. Try deleting temporary
Internet files. In Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options. On the
General tab, click Delete Files. The Delete Files window is displayed.
Select the Delete all offline content check box, then click OK.
b.. You do not have administrator rights to this computer.
c.. A virus has been found during installation.
d.. You have a 3rd party solution installed on this computer that Security
Server was unable to remove.
e.. You do not have enough disk space on your computer to complete the
installation. Agent installation requires around 80MB disk space. Free up
some space on the target drive by deleting unnecessary files and try again.
f.. The Security Server installation program encountered an error.

I've added the site to Trusted sites and deleted temporary internet files and cookies.

Is there anything that I'm missing?
KIP HelpAsked:
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Try running:


from the client.
KIP HelpAuthor Commented:
The firewall has been turned off.

This is a brand, new fresh installation of Windows. It hasn't touched the internet yet (the WFBS is hosted on a local intranet server); even Windows updates were pushed out from a local internal server.

Again, this is a clean installation of Windows Vista. The only thing installed at this time is Windows Vista and updates.
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What version you are trying to install? As I can see only 3.6 is supported.
KIP HelpAuthor Commented:
The problem is now moot. We are no longer deploying Windows Vista so the issue is not a problem. Awarding full points for the aid attempt.
Bu the question is Browser based installation fails. The answer of urs is manually visiting the clients and accessing server directory.
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