how to receive exchange outlook on blackberry?

I have an requirement from my boss to receive emails on his blackberry from his exchange outlook account.
Is there any better way to do that (literally free way).
I appreciate your answers.

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tntmaxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
- IMAP - go to Services (start -> run -> services.msc), then enable Exchange IMAP service on the server and set it to run automatically. If you have SSL, open port 993, otherwise port 143 on your firewall and forward those ports to the Exchange server.

- BES server - Go to, fill out the information, and you'll get a link to download BES and receive a CAL and SRP information. You'll need to read the documentation about installing and setting up, but it's much better than IMAP. Just make sure that you have a server that you can run it on.
for blackberry, you have to use either IMAP on the Exchange server, or use your free copy of BES (lower version Pro) to connect to Exchange. That's your better option, as it will allow you to connect and sync your contacts, calendar, and all email folders over the air, instead of using the cable.
ashexpert4uAuthor Commented:
Hi tntmax,

Can you please eloborate a bit more on using IMAP on the exchange server please. Also if possible on BES as well... Thanks in advance..
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