Need WIndows XP Audio Drivers for Dell Studio 1735

I am searching for Audio Drivers for Windows XP on a Dell Studio 1735.  Dell only released VISTA drivers for this system.  I have been able to go to the manufacturers or other models for all drivers except the audio (and one other driver that is a part of the chipset but can probably be ignored).
The device instance ID string for the audio is :

The device instance ID string for the chipset component is :
ACPI\ITE8708\4&3125633D&0  (I don't really expect to solve this one...)

According to, the manufacturer 1095 is Silcon Image Inc. (who offer no drivers).  Sourceforge has no device information for the number 1392.  Dell referes to it as  IDT Audio.
I tried forcing the VISTA drivers for the fun of it, no-go.  I also tried installing some other various audio drivers from similar Dell models just for s&g but as expected this did not work.  I have a clean load on the system with not botched audio driver install attempts to muck up the works.
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It is very likely that drivers for Windows XP have not been written. Companies do those things to force Vista.
Hey I have found that people use those drivers and it works :D
1) AMD HDMI Audio Driver (P163694.EXE)
 2) patch: kb888111xpsp2.exe
 3) IDT PC Audio (PIDT001.EXE) -> this one tells you it isn't compatible with your system but just continue with it and you'll find out it works =)
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Check out this article on the Dell forums.  It seem people have found working drivers, and there are other problems you are going to run into as well...  Here is the link;
According to the DEV number found on this link( look at the bottom of the list for 0x1392) it refers to the INTEL HDMI Audio and the driver needed comes under theDell Chipset driver for the Intel 945GM Graphics Controller R140540.exe found here
Sorry that one is for Vista. I'll search further for XP.
The ACPI\ITE8708 is probably referring to an infrared receiver.
You may also want to try that Vista driver I linked to before as some drivers will install in XP.
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