Is there a way to dump group members in a Universal Group

Posted on 2008-11-19
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
I am looking to get all the members of a universal group. The current script below prompts for a group name and dumps members, but on Universal groups it ignores members outside of my domain and does not list them.

I would like to be able to dump all members of the group regardless of domain.

Can anyone offer a script that does so? Thanks!

Option Explicit

Dim Group, count

Dim GroupName

Dim GroupDomain

Dim Member

Dim txt

Dim oFileSys, strCurrDir, strDefaultNamingContext, oRoot, objUser

Set oFileSys = WScript.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

strCurrDir = oFileSys.GetAbsolutePathName(".")

' ******************************************

' Edit This for your Environment!

' ******************************************

GroupDomain = ""

' ******************************************

' Find our default naming context...

Set oRoot = GetObject("LDAP://rootDSE")

strDefaultNamingContext = oRoot.get("defaultNamingContext")

Set oRoot = Nothing

GroupName = InputBox ("Group Name to list Members: ", "Enter Group Name")

If GroupName = "" Then

    MsgBox("Must enter a group name!")


End If

Set oFileSys = CreateObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

Set txt = oFileSys.OpenTextFile (strCurrDir & "\" & GroupName & " members.txt", 8, True)

Set Group = GetObject("WinNT://" & GroupDomain & "/" & GroupName & ",group")

count = 0

For Each Member in Group.Members

    WScript.Echo "Finding Username " & Member.Name


    On Error Resume next


    Set objUser = GetObject(getLdapUN(Member.Name))

    If Err<>0 Then

        WScript.Echo "Error getting information for: " & Member.Name

        txt.WriteLine Member.Name & vbtab & "Error - No Rights" & vbtab & "Error - No Rights"




        WScript.Echo "Description: " & objUser.description

        WScript.Echo "Office: " & objUser.physicalDeliveryOfficeName


        txt.WriteLine Member.Name & vbtab & objUser.description & vbtab & objUser.physicalDeliveryOfficeName


    End if


    count = count + 1


WScript.Echo vbcrlf

WScript.Echo "A total of " & count & " accounts are members of the " & GroupName & " group."

WScript.Echo vbcrlf

WScript.Echo "Text file " & strCurrDir & "\" & GroupName & " members.txt" & " contains the list of users in this group."

' *************************************************

' Functions and Subroutines

' *************************************************

Function getLdapUN(strUN)

Dim oConnect, Command, strLdapQuery, Rs

getLdapUN = False

Set oConnect = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")

Set Command = CreateObject("ADODB.Command")

'--- search for object in AD ---

strldapquery = "<LDAP://" & strDefaultNamingContext & ">;" & _

"(&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(sAMAccountName=" & _

strUN & "));ADsPath,cn;subtree"

oConnect.Provider = "ADsDSOObject"

oConnect.Open "Active Directory Provider"

Set Command.ActiveConnection = oConnect

Command.CommandText = strldapquery 'strSQL

Set Rs = Command.Execute 'Execute the query

'WScript.Echo "Records: " & Rs.RecordCount

If Rs.RecordCount > 0 Then

    getLdapUN = rs("AdsPath")

End If

Set oConnect = Nothing

Set Command = Nothing

End Function

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Question by:lotharpenguin

    Author Comment

    I am still looking into this and I cannot find a decent way to do this. Of course I am quite horrible at programming so that doesn't help
    LVL 51

    Accepted Solution

    You can do this with the Support Tools natively.

    Get all Universal groups:

    dsquery * "dc=domain,dc=com" -limit 0 -scope subtree -filter "(&(objectCategory=group)(groupType=-2147483640))"

    You can Pipe that to this command for the membership:

    dsget group -members

    The whole command would be something like:

    dsquery * "dc=domain,dc=com" -limit 0 -scope subtree -filter "(&(objectCategory=group)(groupType=-2147483640))" | dsget group -members


    Author Comment

    OMG..How did I miss that. Time to try this in the morning.

    Author Closing Comment

    DSquery was certainly the right answer.

    Author Comment

    I'll add that dsquery was in fact what I needed to use but here is the full command to get the info form a specific group and not just all groups.

    dsquery * "DC=domain,DC=com" -limit 0 -scope subtree -filter "(&(objectCategory=group)(groupType=-2147483640))" | dsget group "CN=groupname,OU=ouname,DC=domain,DC=com" -members > members.txt

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