Help with 64-Bit Windows Vista Operating System!

Experts, please comment on the statement below!!  
As an agent for a very large, national insurance company, I (like all agents) have to buy my own PC but connect/interact with a national IT system provided by the HQ company.  The head of IT has put out this statement and it has created a LOT of heartburn for dozens of us who have already bought a 64-Bit Vista OS.

If you are planning to buy a new computer, do not get a a 64-Bit Operating System (64-Bit Windows Vista).  A 64-Bit Operating System is not compatible with our application and especially with Lotus Notes Client version 8.0.2 (We will be rolling out the lotus notes client upgrade to version 8 within the next two months).  For those of you that already have purchased a 64-Bit Operating System or 64-Bit Windows Vista, please check with your vendor to see if you can get a 32-Bit Windows Vista Operating System instead and then downgrade to a 32-Bit Operating System on your computer.  The 32-Bit Operating System runs as great as a 64-Bit computer and there is no performance penalty.  On the other hand and in addition to the fact that the 64-Bit Operating System is not compatible with our application, users may experience issues with incompatible hardware and drivers (network card, wireless, etc.).  Lastly, a 64-Bit Operating System is made mainly for a database server or servers that need to compile a huge amount of data quickly.   A 64-Bit Operating System are uncharted territory for most users and if you are planning to use a 64-Bit Operating System on a desktop computer, you will be running into a lot of issues.

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Your IT persons comments are sound and make perfect sense. There are many apps that will not work in the 64bit world. Unless you have a specific reason for buying a 64bit OS....don't do it!
kanalQkoTechnical Support EngineerCommented:
do you know name of the application, there`s no possibility to downgrade OS from 64bit to 32bit
Solutions run application in new virtual machine or like terminal application (similar to citrix)
The main advantage of a 64 BIT OS is the amount of RAM that can be accessed... a 32 bit machine is limited to 3 GB of RAM , no such limit on a 64 BIT OS.. also a program written in 64 bit can access 64 bit registers and is much faster processing.. So any application that is memory dependant would gain benefits from 64 bit....

You can run 32 bit applications in VISTA on 64 bit with varrying degrees of succes..It is called application compatibility.... Drivers can be an issue but since you already have your OS it appears not to be a problem.
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kanalQkoTechnical Support EngineerCommented:
Hey, DocCan11 have ever seen application that can use more than 3GB of RAM which is running on desktop OS? Nevermind.

ChopperCentury: Sorry It`s not argument "buying a 64bit OS....don't do it"

Do you want an exhaustive list or just a short one? I use virtual server.. virtual PC... because I do testing and development work both can use WAY more than 3GB of ram!... also you will start finding people developing 64 bit apps to take advantage of the speed with which the 64 bit registers work.. so yes.. I think I would always buy a 64 OS over a 32 bit os
In the summertime, we deployed vista in our company on some non-64-CPU and on 64-bit-cpus , about 25 each.
Issues you have to know about:
64-bit Windows does not support
-fullscreen of command line window/ old dos apps in fullscreen
apart from that, we did not notice any problems so far.

64 does
-offer better performance for apps that offer a 64-bit-version (Autodesk apps, matlab, visual studio, exchange 2007, sql server)
-already support plenty of devices (you would not want to install 64 bit OS to old hardware anyway, would you? - son it's no problem in most cases).
-definitely stand for the future, in the mainstream market as well (due to gaming needing so much RAM)

32 bit will maintain in the mainstream market for a few years to come, but we all know how ram consumption exploded in the past and how cheap ram got. "uncharted territory" is not wrong but a little future-denying.
If however some key applications you are bound to don't work on 64, what is your choice? Virtualization/emulation? I don't think so.
rmbarthAuthor Commented:
Excellent input, since it isn't really a question that asks for a "fix" I'm split the points equally to all respondents.  Thanks everyone.
Justin PerryCommented:
Sorry to burst IBM's bubble, but I have been running Lotus Notes 6.5.4 and 8.0.2 on a Vista x64 machine for almost 6 months now and have not had any issues with either version.  
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