Trouble with Phantom URL Parameter

I am working with a cms system made by a company called Ektron.  I have contacted them on this issue, but they have no idea how to fix it.  I figured this site was my best shot for an answer, so here goes the question:

In my URL, I have a value called ekmensel.  I do not need this value, but I can't find the code that's making it show up.  I want to get rid of this value, because it provides no functionality that I can see. I believe it is being added by some javascript, and I do not know how to track it down.  Here is the site that I'm working on:

From that site, click around on a few links, and you will see the ekmensel value show up in the URL.  Not all the links will work, because the site is still in transition from stage to live.  Please let me know if I need to provide anything else.  Thanks for reading.
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Tomarse111Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try commenting out the line 992:


and see if that a) removes it and b) the menu still works. THat is where the function above is being called.
The "ekmense" parameter is being explicitly added to the "Residents" link. Hover your mouse over that link, and you will see the parameter in the URL listed at the bottom of your browser.

The line that creates that link is:

<div  id="c57dfa7b_452_0"  class="ekmenu_submenu" ><a  id="c57dfa7b_452_0_btnlink"  class="ekmenu_submenu_btnlink"  onclick="ekMenuEx.itemLinkClickHdlr(event);" ondblclick="ekMenuEx.itemLinkClickHdlr(event);"  href="/stage/default.aspx?ekmenu=154&amp;id=3176&amp;ekmense" onkeydown="ekMenuEx.menuBtnKeyHdlr(event);" ><span  class="ekmenu_button"  id="c57dfa7b_452_0_button" onmouseover="ekMenuEx.menuBtnMouseOverHdlr(event);" onmouseout="ekMenuEx.menuBtnMouseOutHdlr(event);" onfocus="ekMenuEx.menuBtnMouseOverHdlr(event);" onblur="ekMenuEx.menuBtnMouseOutHdlr(event);" onkeydown="ekMenuEx.menuBtnKeyHdlr(event);" tabindex="0"  ><img src="/stage/images/residents.gif"  class="ekmenu_button_image"  id="c57dfa7b_452_0_button_image"  alt="Residents Top"  /></span></a><div  id="c57dfa7b_452_0_submenu_items"  class="ekmenu_submenu_items_hidden" >

Notice also that "ekmenu" is referenced several times in that line, as if it is part of the structure of the application.
Its being added from your menu in ek_menu_ex.js

function __ekMenuEx_ekMenu_selectMenuItem(el) { on line 1997

I think its meant to be there to enable the menu style sheet to change to the selected page? not sure but I would definitely leave it there.
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The details for that function are:

// ekMenuEx Instance Member Helper Function.
// Called when a menu-item (such as a link) is clicked,
// modifies the items href parameter to pass the selected
// item info over the querystring:
thedeal56Author Commented:
I was thinking that too, but if you remove ekmensel from the url, the page is still highlighted.  
thedeal56Author Commented:
That seems to work!  Thank you very much.  I will need to make another post for my next question, but I would appreciate some preliminary input on it:

What I am wanting to do is stop the remaining URL values from being sent through the URL, and have them function like a html form's post method.  How difficult a task am I looking at if I choose to go that route?  Thanks again for you help.
thedeal56Author Commented:
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