phpMyAdmin will not install properly

I am very new to dynamic web design, but hae recently installed Apache 2.2 and php 5.2.6 and have been getting to grips with designing php pages.  This went well, and I then installed MySQL 5.0 and am trying to install phpMyAdmin as well, however everytime I try to run it on my browser by typing in http://localhost/phpMyAdmin/ it comes up with the following error message:
Fatal error: Call to a member function getName() on a non-object in C:\Users\Main User\Documents\My Websites\phpMyAdmin\libraries\ on line 688
I have tried re-loading it and loading older versions but exactly the same happens.

My directory tree looks like:
C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\ (apache is installed here)
(C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\)

C:\Users\Main User\Documents\My Websites\ (My web root directory)

C:\Users\Main User\Documents\My Websites\phpMyAdmin\ (where phpmyadmin is, and where the config file is at)

If anyone can help me...I have been trying to solve this for days, and am completely lost!!
PS I'm operating on a PC wth windows Vista.

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Beverley PortlockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've downloaded the source and had a quick look and there is no obvious error in the code for phpmyadmin at the location marked by the error message. It seems to be related to the Themes (the colour schemes used to display data).

As I said before WAMP is fairly much the best bet for Windows and all the settings are done so as to integrate all the applications. It is fairly much a one-click install sort of affair...
Beverley PortlockCommented:
This appears to be a bug in try using  version 2.11.9 instead. If you have not done anything with this setup, the simplest way to solve this might be to uninstall everything and then use WAMP to install Apache, PHP, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin and other stuff as an integrated package

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