package explorer in Eclipse

In the package explorer, the packages are listed like so:

Is there a way to have it not display the com.mycompany part, such that I see this:

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Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
You can make the com\mycompany folder a source folder, but believe this would be the same as if you just named your packages thispackage, thatpackage, etc.  If you still want your packages named the full com.mycompany.thispackage I believe you will have to see it displayed as such.
I am afraid there is no direct way to hide the package name when you are in package explorer. But on the other end, you can make the package explorer show packages relevant to the task you are performing using task management tools like Mylyn which is now a integral part of eclipse.

Visit: for more details on Mylyn.
allelopathAuthor Commented:
Window -> Preferences ->  Java > Appearance and enable package name compression with 0 as the pattern.

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Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
Nice allelopath, I had never used that.  The 0 doesn't work in my test environment but think that is because I have packages of all sorts of names instead of under one consistent heirarchy; however, I tried with . or '0' and worked like a champ except those put . or ' for each level of package omitted whereas 0 is supposed to just show last level...

Very nice, sir.

Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
You can click on your own comment as solution by the way, so future readers can benefit from this...
Its a nice solution allelopath. My bad, I never needed something like that option during development. Something new that I learnt. Thank You.
But if our whole intention is on more to concentrate on the task that we have currently in our hand than the codebase itself, then Mylyn is the right tool which could save lots of our time and increase our productivity in no time. Ofcourse task management is something new coming into the field but the idea is excellent and I am personally getting benefited by it on day-2-day basis.

The below link can be a great place to startwith. Trust me it more simpler to use that we would expect. :)

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