How to improve reports performance

I created a crystal reports with 6 build-in subreports, using 5 different BW queries, having 30 formulas. including graphs. It takes more 40secs to run this repors.
But how can I improve the report performance on crystal report side?
Many thanks in advance!
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I can't think of other ways to improve performance.

I assume the tables are indexed on the linking fields?

Make sure all filtering or record selection can be sent to the server.
If you need help or aren't sure if they can be sent to the server post the record selection

Are the subreports linked to the main report?

FinghtingMiaoAuthor Commented:
I did not do the record selection on Crystal side.
what I have are 6 subreports all linked to the main reports.
 In the main reports I use lots of formula and send shared value to sub reports for further caculation.
Each subreports still have around 20 formula.
In the main report I used 5 different queries.
All the 6 subreports parameters changed link to main report parameters.

Thansk u very much!
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Record selection is generally the key to speeding a report.

40 seconds isn't too long for generating 7 reports.

Are the subreports generatd once?

FinghtingMiaoAuthor Commented:
Yes, all the subreports generated once.

Thanks u
FinghtingMiaoAuthor Commented:
I got u . Thanks.
But if i run the last instance for that report and generated a link like

it still take 25-30 secs.

Suppose If I call the last instance from the link, the report should be show up in 2 secs. but by it still take 25-30 secs to run the last instance?

Thank u very much !

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