Running Homer Server c/w DNS - Web hosting

My current home setup is a Windows Advanced 2000 server, I've installed DNS, DHCP, Active Directory Roaming profiles, everything runs fine (blowing my own truppet here sorry).

The next step is to have an domain purchased from ukreg point to my server, so that if someone browses then they will see the IIS feed from this home server.  I would also like email to travel to this server and be farmed out.

So the two questions:
what do I need to setup to make the domain resolve correctly?
Can anyone suggest an Exchange alternative which aint gunna cost me the earth to fund.  I only have 4 users who want

Thanks in advance
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brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
Do you have a static or dynamic IP for your connection?

I have something similar running in my house. I have a dynamic IP and use a dynamic DNS service to point the domain name to my IP. My home router has a client that updates this service automatically if the IP changes.

You will need to point the name servers for your domain at the registrar to the name servers given to you by the dynamic DNS service.

As for e-mail, this can be tricky. My ISP blocks port 25. There are services available that will relay to your server on alternate ports in the event you cannot receive traffic on port 25. In my opinion this is better anyways since they usually offer spam and AV filtering with the redirection. However it is not free, but not that expensive.

For a mail server you could try this
thegiantsmurfAuthor Commented:
I have a static IP from my ISP.
I've also installed hmailserver on the home server, but struggling to get the domain to resolve to my home IP address of
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
who did you register you're domain with? Where is the current DNS servers for your domain?
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thegiantsmurfAuthor Commented:
The domain has been transfered to my ISP -
I've changed the name servers to point to (so they have control).

In the DNS control panel for I have to enter in MX , A records, but I'm very unsure on what needs to be entered to get things done correctly.  the last time I did this at work I did it wrong.

What I'm hoping to do is point mail, WWW accecss to this home server @
thegiantsmurfAuthor Commented:
Looking more and more around the web, I've changed the following DNS record on my ISP to:
Left                       Record       Priority        Right
hercules.              arecord                 arecord                
                                mx                20  

Is this right? have i missed anything?
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
the MX record will send mail to your ISP. You said you wanted to to go to your home server right? You'll need to add an MX record for say hercules with a priority of 10

The rest looks ok. If you have a firewall between your home server and ISP (which I would highly recommend) then you will have to configure NAT and maybe port forwarding to forward ports 25 , 80 and maybe 443 to your home server. If you don't have a firewall then you don't have to worry about it
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
alternatively to what I mentioned, you could leave the mail at your ISP and use some kind of POP connector or download program such as or others to download on a schedule.
thegiantsmurfAuthor Commented:
brwwiggins, cheers for your help.
I've udated DNS earlier today to this :
Left                       Record       Priority        Right  a                           
hercules                a                           
www                    a                           mx                 5     
                              mx                20  

What else is missing? I've done a DNS check on and get errors on the MX mail setting.....starting to get confused.

brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
you need an "A" record for

so something like

mail    a
thegiantsmurfAuthor Commented:
done that, but still get an error on MX for Mail.
I've installed Hmailserver, I can telnet in from inside the network, but externally I get timeout.
thegiantsmurfAuthor Commented:
Do I need to put my ISP dns number in the network address ?
At the moment I get error logs in Hmailserver :
"DEBUG"      1480      "2008-11-24 08:50:24.484"      "Application::StartServers()"
"DEBUG"      2300      "2008-11-24 08:50:25.609"      "SMTPDeliveryManager::Start()"
"DEBUG"      1480      "2008-11-24 08:50:25.609"      "Application::~StartServers()"
"DEBUG"      2304      "2008-11-24 08:50:25.609"      "ExternalFetchManager::Start()"
"APPLICATION"      2296      "2008-11-24 08:50:25.859"      "Source: IOCPServer::_CreateListenSocket, Code: HM4316, Description: Call to bind() failed. Error: 10048. Is another server is already using this port (25)?"
"APPLICATION"      2296      "2008-11-24 08:50:25.859"      "Source: IOCPServer::DoWork(), Code: HM4323, Description: _CreateListeningSockets() failed. Error: 183"
"DEBUG"      2292      "2008-11-24 08:55:25.609"      "TimedoutConnectionRemoverTask::DoWork()"
"DEBUG"      2292      "2008-11-24 09:00:25.609"      "TimedoutConnectionRemoverTask::DoWork()"
"DEBUG"      2292      "2008-11-24 09:05:25.609"      "TimedoutConnectionRemoverTask::DoWork()"
"DEBUG"      2292      "2008-11-24 09:10:25.609"      "TimedoutConnectionRemoverTask::DoWork()"
"DEBUG"      2292      "2008-11-24 09:15:25.609"      "TimedoutConnectionRemoverTask::DoWork()"
"DEBUG"      2292      "2008-11-24 09:20:25.609"      "TimedoutConnectionRemoverTask::DoWork()"
"DEBUG"      2292      "2008-11-24 09:25:25.609"      "TimedoutConnectionRemoverTask::DoWork()"
"DEBUG"      2292      "2008-11-24 09:30:25.609"      "TimedoutConnectionRemoverTask::DoWork()"
"DEBUG"      2292      "2008-11-24 09:35:25.609"      "TimedoutConnectionRemoverTask::DoWork()"

I cant saeem to work out what else is running on the server which is using port 25 ?
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
do you have IIS installed? Run through the add/remove programs and make sure the IIS SMTP virtual server is not installed. Or go through the services and see if that service is running

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thegiantsmurfAuthor Commented:
Spot on, I installed IIS and had to remove the SMTP service to get email working.
All is fine, Thanks for the quick reply, your a star.
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