Connect to my computer using LOGMEIN

I have a laptop and a pc. I could connect from my laptop to pc through logmein by sending a mini meeting request (from my pc)  and then opening the link.
Suppose I want to connect to my PC directly without receiving a meeting request, how do I do it in LOGMEIN. Please detail the steps.
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hybridrocknrollConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Install LogMeIn on the PC as the Free Version. When that happens, log on with your LapTop and then click the computer name. It should give you a Prompt for the code you put in to access the computer. Then it will ask you for Username and Password. It works best to use the Admin account to have control over everything. After it says "Connecting" then you click "Remote Control" As long as LogMeIn is Online and Enabled on your PC, it should work. One thing i've noticed is that if you have any type of firewall going (Such as AVG, etc.) then it might have LogMeIn offline. To remedy that, just disable the firewall, disable LogMeIn, then Re-Enable LogMeIn. You should be able to renable to firewall and everything work. Hope this helps!
Cool-GuyAuthor Commented:
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