Folder Redirection - Size Limits

Just curious if there is a way once you set up folder redirection for Desktop/Application Data/My Documents to set size limits on the destination folder on the share on a per user basis.  I know how to set up quotas on disks on a user level and maybe this is the right solution.  But wasn't sure if they folders are actually written to by a system or admin account instead of the actual user themselves which would kill the quota idea.  Is there anything built in to folder redirection to cap off size?

If so what happens when the sizes is reached?
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I believe you have to do it with disk quotas as you are thinking.  Be sure that the redirected folder is the only location on that volume the users will be saving information.  If they are saving other information to that volume, it will count towards the disk quota.
dlabbadia01Author Commented:
Yeah I'm going to build a server specifically for profiles so that shouldn't be an issue.

Thanks.  Going to give it a go right now and see how we make out.  Pts rewarded when it works.
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