Java can't connect to named instance of SQL server 2005


I'm having an issue connecting to a named instance of SQL Server 2005 from within a Java program.
I'm issuing the following command:

if( dbtype.equals("ora") )
{ new );
if( dbtype.equals("sql") )
{ new Packages.mks.frame.sql.jdbc.mssql.Driver() );
con = new url, dbuser, dbpass );
con.setTransactionIsolation( java.sql.Connection.TRANSACTION_READ_COMMITTED );

The variable "url" is set to:

When I run the command, I get the following exception:
      java.sql.SQLException: Unknown server host name 'cgcsqldev\sql2005'.

I've been reading that Java doesn't like named instances of SQL server. The identified solution was to use the default instance and specify a port number since, technically, each instance should be running on its own port. However, this is not the case at the client that I am at right now. All instances (named and default) are listening on port 1433.

Is there any way for me to connect to a named instance of SQL Server 2005 through Java without requiring that it use a different port?

Thanks a lot.
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Marten RuneConnect With a Mentor SQL Expert/Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
No. but you can find out witch port your named instance is using.

Fire up 'SQL Server Configuration Manager' and from there its easy. Now connect using this port.

James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
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