Emailing HTML Brochure cuts off when forwarded

Hi All, I have a brochure which is a simple HTML image map and is approx 3 pages long (scrolling in IE7) I am trying to email this to a number of people so in IE7 I click on file > Send > Page by email which opens up a new message in Outlook 2003 and let me email it to the external accounts.

The problem arises when I try to forward the sent message, it cuts off after approx 1 1/2 pages this also happens to all users who are using outlook 2003 with word as the editor.

I have disable Word as the editor and it will forward fine but this does not help as I need to be able for the people who the mail is sent to to forward it without any problems.

Can anyone help, is there a setting in Word/Outlook for max page size that is causing these issues?

One point, I must send the email this way not as an attachment and not using 3rd party tools.

Thanks in advance.

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scrathcyboyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can't put an HTML image map directly in an email.  You will have to put the image map into an HTML FILE on a webserver, and then link to that page.  The reason is the image map has to use HTML to work correctly and an email is not an HTML parser like a web page is.  Just make a link to the page in the email, the page having the image map, and the result from that page submitting a form with the users email in it.
Brum07Author Commented:
How do companies send out HTML emails showing the HTML as the body of the email then?
They compose the email in something like mozilla Sea monkey, which lets you compose an email completely as an HTML text file.  There are other programs designed solely to do emails as HTML files.
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