Permissions problem on server - cant figure out

Have a Windows server 2003, with a workgroup, not a domain.- multiple users setup with an engineering app called Quickpen, which has its data stored on a shared drive on the server. As of now (after all this trouble) I've (for testing purposes) granted full access to everyone to access this folder. When I attempt to run the app, it gives me an error telling me that the user im trying to have access this mapped drive needs read/write/delete rights to the folder. On the server it appears the rights are set correctly and it looks like EVERYONE has full control of this directory and all sub directories. If I go to the directory im getting the error on, i cannot even create a text file, tells me access denied. If I go to the server, im able to create a text file in the directory in question. I'm just not sure why this is happening, the usernames/passwords are in sync between the server and the workstaion, the rights to this directory are completely opened up (as far as the server says) yes from the workstation im unable to write to the directory - any help would be appreciated!
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lalancluConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Verify you right on the share tab where your enter the name of the share just under that you can manage the right for this shared folder.

and you need to have the same on the both side on the directory on the server and on the share tab.
Toni UranjekConsultant/TrainerCommented:

Are you describing NTFS permissions? Check Share permissions also!

You have some great suggestions here, I will elaborate a little more. It is confusing that your shares actually have 2 permissions being applied to them. There is the security for the folder, and then there is the security for the share. This way your system can have local access to the folder defined, as well as an additional security check for shares - this is especially useful if you want to have a read-only share. The files can be accessed by the user at the terminal (or other users logged in at that terminal), but guests on the network and other co-workers can either view or have no access, depending on what you set for your sharing settings. I'm guessing that your users aren't granted access to the "write" portion of the share security.

So in short, if you want "Tom" to be able to write to \\server\share, you need to give "Tom" write access to the folder's security, and give "Tom" write access in the share settings for the folder. (in both the sharing, and security tabs)
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Alikaz 3
  You explication is better than mine I think you have more time to respond than me and  English is not your second language. Thank for your clarification.
No problem, and thanks lalanclu! Hopefully this will solve their issue.
The easiest option is to give everyone full access on the Folder Share Permissions and then specify specific permissions in the NTFS permissions. That's the standard way Microsoft teach.
That makes sense Styphon
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