I need access to shares on a Unix server on a separate sub-net from my PC.

I have a Unix file server on IP and (several) Windows XP computers with static IP addresses ranging from subnets 192.168.16.###.  through 192.168.18.###.   None of these PC's can access the folder shares on the Unix server.  However, all the computers with on our sub-net 192.168.19.###, can access the Unix shares without any problem.   Also, I can ping the Unix server from any of our PC's from any sub-net.

Our gateway router is on and our DNS server is

I have added routes on the Unix server to all our sub-net addresses using the command...

      route add
      route add
and so on...

What configuration(s) am I missing that will allow computers on subnets other than the one the Unix server is on?
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Set up WINS server. Samba will do.
Otherwise NetBIOS naming does not cross broadcast domains.
it could be a firewall that is denying your access
NetTokenAuthor Commented:

A good call, but not the case in my situation.   The connection is going from my PC, through a DELL Powerconnect managed switch then to the Unix server at  There are no firewalls setup on this (internal) LAN connection.
NetTokenAuthor Commented:
Thanks gheist, it turned out that Samba was running on this server but was configured to work with a specific workgroup name.  The machines in question had been taken off that workgroup and joined to a windows domain.  I just have to reconfigure Samba to work with these domain machines.
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