vpn solution for use with quickbooks

Here's my situation, one of my clients has an office that runs a sbs2003 with quickbooks, and the wife likes to run quickbooks, but she also takes care of the fam and likes to work form home, so i have her using global vpn client connecting to a sonicwall t170 at the office, fomr there she can not run quickbooks over the vpn so she remotes into her work pc and runs quickbooks that way, now every once in a while the rdp will lose its connection, but the vpn never does. she wants a better solution, so i'm wondering what can i do to make this work better for her, i'm pretty green when it comes to vpns and tunnels and networking in general. one solution i was thinking was to create a gateway vpn form her house useing a vpn router with a static ip. but i do not think this will help with the quickbooks, i believe quickbooks will still have to be run form the rdp, but will it stop the rdp form losing connection?
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calltmsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Honestly, Microsoft's PPTP that's built right into Microsoft Windows Server 2003 is fine, and free (assuming you have a server).

You can do a gateway VPN with a dynamic IP address on a Juniper Netscreen, which means it /SHOULD/ work on your Sonicwall as well. It's done with the assistance of a www.dyndns.org account.

You dont want to run QB without a remote desktop - running it locally with a VPN will take forever, and may possibly not even work.
cfischer225Author Commented:
would the gateway vpn yeild better results then the client, becaus eit would be a little more expensive i'd have to buy a vpn router for thier home as well as a static ip address at the home which is about 80 dollars a month as oppossed to 40
cfischer225Author Commented:
well we already have the sonicwall in the office, i just need a stable way to work on quickbooks from home
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