Need high end OCR software with advance features

I'm looking for software that can 1) create an Index of a file(s), 2) OCR handwriting, and 3) create a time line from dates on the document.

1) Indexing - Needs to be a listing of all words in the document and what pages the words are on (just like in the back of a book).
2) OCR handwriting - Ideally it would be able to recognize hand writing and would be teachable.  So if you set a signature to be a certain name then it would remember that that signature is the specified name.
3) Create a time line - I want the software to be able to search for dates in the documents and then organize the documents in chronological order.

If there's software that can do part of the above tasks that would also be acceptable.


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Amila HendahewaConnect With a Mentor Lead ConsultantCommented:
I can recommend you 3 products abbyy, kofax and readsoft.
if you are looking for full text pdf generation then abbyy would do a good job. For zonal OCR, readsoft is the best available. Kofax is good for manual indexing on selected fields. The best thing to do is to get the trail versions and do some test runs.
tenaj-207Author Commented:
Thanks so much for your help!
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