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Creating non-authoritative A-records without having to setup a new zone for each...

Hello all,

I've looking to see if there is another way to create non-authoritative A records other than creating a zone for just that dns name.  

The situation:  We do development for a company that has its own authoritative dns (obviously.)  In developing web sites with them, they give us the IP and name of the site which will end in their authoritative zone such as "dev.no1.companyname.com".  They do not put this name into DNS anywhere though.  If I had just had one dev site, its not a big deal to create an authoritative zone for "dev.no1.companyname.com" in my dns and specify the address.  The problem is that I have over 70, and don't want to clutter my dns up with 70 records for one off names.

Is there any way to create a non-authoritative zone for "company.com" that only has the records I need inside, but also sends any other request not included to another server for resolution?

I'm sorry if this isn't clear.  Any help would be very appreciated.  My other windows administrator gets annoyed seeing 5 forward domains under our DNS tool, he'd flip if he see's 75.  Thanks!
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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:


Short answer, but it's: no, I'm afraid not.

There is a longer answer, but it's incomplete. You could potentially do this with BIND, but you'd be looking at a great deal of programming because the functionality isn't at all native and there's little documentation on it. That is likely to be excessively impractical, but deserves mentioning if nothing else if you really need to explore it.

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