How to check table level data from descriptive flexfield

I need to find out what data is being entered into a descriptive flexfield by users.  The form is in Oracle Receivables and can be navigated to by:  Receivables User > Transactions > Transactions >Credit (tab)

The field that I want to query is "Cust Reference" but I'm struggling to find the descriptive flexfield that it relates to and therefore the table and column...

Any help would be massively appreciated!!
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zilvaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Navigate to your form
then Help > Diagnostics > Examine...
in "Field" you can see list of all Descriptive Flexfields in form
Then you choose particular flexfield, in "Value" you can see the name of Descriptive Flexfield.
Using this name find Descriptive Flexfield in form "Descriptive Flexfield Segments" (Application Developer Responsibility)
Then you can find which segment is using which column in database.
Then you Compile Descriptive Flexfield (button "Compile") it shows the name of View, which you can use to query data for this Descriptive Flexfield.
Do you know the name of Descriptive Flex Field?
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