batch convert bmp to png with photoshop

Is there a way to batch convert 100 or so bmp files into png using photoshop cs3
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cataleptic_stateConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes you can use that or pix resizer.

If you really want to do it in PS3

first of all put your files into a folder. Open the actions panel in PS and press record

Once its on record open the file you want to convert go to file and save for web or save as and select png.

then close the file and stop the recording in the actions panel

This has now made a template for your batch conversion.

Now go to file and choose batch conversion from the automate menu option. And select the action you have just created (you should have named it)

and press start/run and it will start to do the same process you did untill all the images are converted.

This guide is only from memory, I have done it many times this way in the past and should still work 4 PS cs3

let me know how you get on.
Use a 3rd party program such as Irfanview. It does batch conversions and is extremely small and best of all free.
When using cataleptic_state's method, remember not to change the name of the file when recording your action, or it will end up calling all the files the same thing and overwriting all bar the last file that gets saved.
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