how to display confirmation data in formview prior to insert

We're using ASP.NET 2.0 FormView control wrapped by a web user control to handle CRUD UI operations.  It works well except for confirmation PRIOR to insert or update.  All the links I find on "confirmation" are the response.redirect type after the insert has been made to database.  I need to display the data to user one last time prior to insert.

Formview does not appear to have a mechanism for displaying a readonly template of insert/update data PRIOR to insert/update.  

Tried Me.fvAccountCC.ChangeMode(FormViewMode.ReadOnly) but user input from viewstate doesn't appear in this mode

I'm not good enough yet w/ ADO/XML to extract insert/update data as DataTable and use as datasource for new instance of user control/Formview in readonly view in confirmation page.

Any ideas before I start messy marshalling of user input to duplicate controls in <EmptyDataTemplate> using .FindControl across two instances of usercontrol/formview
  Public Sub SetConfirmTemplate(ByVal Src As ctlAccountCC)
        Me.fvAccountCC.DataSourceID = Nothing
        CType(Me.fvAccountCC.FindControl("lblAccountName"), Label).Text = CType(Src.FormView.FindControl("txtAccountNo"), TextBox).Text
        CType(Me.fvAccountCC.FindControl("lblAccountNo"), Label).Text = CType(Src.FormView.FindControl("txtAccountNo"), TextBox).Text
        CType(Me.fvAccountCC.FindControl("imgCardType"), Image).ImageUrl = CType(Src.FormView.FindControl("imgCardType"), Image).ImageUrl


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GeoffSuttonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Set the formview.enabled=false.  Then create a panel object with the confirm text.  The accept button on the panel will be the actual update code, the cancel button will hide the panel and enable the formview again.  One thing I ahve found doing this is that it is much simpler to create a class, then when making the panel visble, set the cssclass of the panel.  That makes editing thepage much simple, since if you set the location in the style for the panel it makes it difficult to edit the page.  
In the panel you can create whatever kind of confirmation dialog you want.
Another option you may want to investigate is the ajax control toolkit ( which has a "ModalPopupExtender" control.  I have never had much luck with it, preferring to create my own, but it is there for you to use.
Good luck.
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