after upgrade my library is gone

so i had 3gb of music on my itunes and i just did an upgrade to version 8.01.  after the upgrade all my music was gone:  i checked my music folder and all the files are there but not showing in itunes.

when iu plug in my ipod all it wants to do is sync the purchased music, problem is i have a lot of cds that i transfered over to itunes that i no longer have access to (stolen)

So i went to apples website and tried to follow their solution which was 

the issue is that where it says to find the previous itunes directory and rename it.. Well i dont have one..

so any suggestions as to how to get everything back into my lib ?
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clarktr2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
In iTunes, go to File -> Add Folder to Library -> Then browse for the folder that contains your music and click ok.  This will reimport all of your songs.
aclvAuthor Commented:
tried that and still nothing shows in the library
aclvAuthor Commented:
Worked after a reboot , music appeared.. thanks
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