Transmit Discards on Cisco 2610

I have several small offices with 2610 routers using WIC-DSU-T1 to an MPLS T1 (private network).  We are seeing a large (?) number of transmit discards on the serial interface.

I've been researching and have alternatively seen turn CEF off, turn CEF on, muck around with the buffer size, don't muck around with the buffer size, and the default "buy more bandwidth".

So before I go to my CIO and ask for more bandwidth, what is the optimal configuration for a 2610 serial interface connected to a T1

right now I have

interface serial 0/0
ip address
encap ppp
no ip mroute-cache
no fair-queue
no ip route-cache
no ip route-cache cef

Have alternately turned on and off route-cache and route-cache cef to no avail

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Are you seeing discards at all sites or just one? If only one site there might be other issues, bad cable, bad card, telco issues etc. Has telco tested the circuit? Have you tried a different card/cable? Do you have QOS enabled as some packets might be discarded by QOS policy.
RPPreacherAuthor Commented:
All sites, no QoS
Have you tried measuring the bandwidth? When you do show int at these sites what are the values for txload and rxload. High bandwidth utilizaiton can cause discards.
RPPreacherAuthor Commented:
I know the bandwidth utilization is high.  I am trying to figure out if I should enable ip route-cache or not... that's it...
RPPreacherAuthor Commented:
Switching to a 2811 fixed this

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